Confessions of a Ruby Sadist

About the Ruby Sadists

Past Clients:

  1. Democracy Now

  2. Limewire

  3. Brightside Broadcast

  4. Technology Group NW

  5. PNN

  6. Nike

We Contribute to:

  1. ruby

  2. rubygems

  3. rdoc

  4. Seattle.rb

Some of Our Stuff:

  1. minitest

  2. ruby_parser

  3. ruby2c

  4. RubyInline

  5. Seattle.rb (png, hoe, ruby2ruby, heckle, image_science, & more)

  6. ZenHacks

  7. ZenTest

  8. ZenWeb

What I Do:

  1. Bootstrap new projects.

  2. Troubleshoot deep problems so other developers can focus.

  3. Accelerate the development process.

  4. Design and implement solid, well-tested, efficient back-end code at a rapid development rate.

  5. Strengthen tests.

  6. Refactor brittle code.

  7. Optimize bottlenecks.

  8. Write developer tools.

  9. Mentor.


I am available for consulting on a part-time (10-20 hours a week).

I’m usually brought in for short-term gigs for debugging, troubleshooting, optimization, and problem-solving.

See Seattle.rb Consulting for more information.